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Listings Domination Academy

Format: Online Training Course

Listings Domination Academy

What If You Had An Entire Listing System To Follow, Step-By-Step, From Lead Generation To HIGHLY Paid?

Learn about Listings Domination Academy...

Ready to have a repeatable, scalable listing system in your business?

Generating at least 2 new listings a month with ZERO marketing budget...

Enroll in Listings Domination Academy TODAY and you'll have access to Module 1: Prospect Generation immediately.

Here’s what you get with your enrollment in the academy:

Module 1 - Prospect Generation

Training 1 - Success with Free Leads
    Start generating free leads and referrals in your current business today using these strategies. These leads won’t cost you a dime! Even Cooler Feature

Training 2 - FSBOs and Expireds
    We cover step by step how to turn 5 hours a month into $63,000 in commissions with Free FSBO leads without ‘selling’ them.

Training 3 - Objection Handling
    Learn the 4-Step sequence to overcome any possible objection. Also, 20 bonus role-playing videos teach you to overcome the most common objections in real estate.

Module 2 - Prospect Conversion

Training 1 - Scripts
    Gives you the ability to communicate like other successful agents.

    Ensures that no important questions, answers, and key sales points are missed or overlooked.

    Lays out the text for effective objection handling skills to get deals together and keep them together.

    Repetition and consistency allows you to perfect your delivery.

Training 2 - Seller Lead Sheet
    Keeps you accountable for gathering seller data critical to a smooth and successful sale.

    Serves as a framework for establishing expectations for and with your sellers (signage, marketing, pricing, etc.).

    Communicates key facts about the seller to team members and assistants.

    Saves you multiple conversations with sellers to gather the same data along the way to a closing.

Training 3 - POWER of Thank You
    Tells buyers and potential sellers that you are thoughtful and considerate, traits they admire and respect.

    Is a differentiator that makes it easy for past and present clients to refer friends, family, and neighbors.

    Encourages a spirit of familiarity and cooperation with other agents, so deals come together more easily.

    Keeps you top of mind with past clients who may provide future transactions and referrals.

Module 3 - Pre Appointment Preparation

Training 1 - Scripts
    Helps you better understand your work style and how to build more effective relationships.

    Gives you insights on how to best interact with individual buyers, sellers, and other agents.

    Keeps you from making relationship errors that can cost you deals.

Training 2 - Setting the Stage
    Positions you as the kind of agent every seller wants a leader and a professional.

    Ensures that your listing presentation is watched and heard distraction-free.

    Addresses all the variables that ultimately determine whether a listing appointment will be successful.

    Increases your win rate on listings by at least 10 percentage points.

    Makes an initial impression of confidence, control, and expertise that will last throughout the relationship.

Training 3 - Home Selling Guide
    This guide is a must have in the hands of your seller. A Seller is always wondering: “What Happens Next?? How Should I Prepare My Home For Showings? What Is The Marketing Plan?

    What Happens If We Get An Offer?”

    Put their minds at ease and answer all those questions – and more – in an organized, easy-to-read booklet full of information.

    It’s completely customizable, so you can add or substitute some of your own programs and capabilities. Arm your Sellers with all the information they need to help you help them!!

Module 4 - Presentation

Training - ‘Knockout’ Listing Presentation
    This training will walk you through the entire presentation, step-by-step, slide-by-slide, so you know what slides you would like to keep, and what slides to put away for now.

    The video training also covers how to effectively communicate your added value, your marketing expertise, and your consumer programs, and how to position yourself as different from your competition – allowing you to use the presentation with confidence.

    The Open House Every Day Program, “Buy This Home And I’ll Sell Yours For Free” USP, and the 1-Day Listing Guarantee are just some of the many consumer programs included in the Knockout Listing Presentation!

Module 5 - Pricing and PAID

Training 1 - Home Equity Evaluation
    Setting the right price to list a home... Vitally important! It makes a huge difference in the time it takes to sell any home (if it’s to sell at all!)

    Determining market value doesn’t have to be just an art… Make it a SCIENCE with this tool.

    Evaluation tool! Good news – you can establish the illusive “market price” using four different state-of-the-art analyses that Bob has laid out in an easy-to-use program. This single publication demonstrates that you are an expert in pricing and stands as one of the most remarkable tools in real estate today!

Training 2 - Maximize Commissions
    Receive the training to customize multiple marketing programs that fit YOUR business and give your sellers options.

    When you present different options at different commissions, you increase your income per sale, because sellers don’t want to miss out on any benefits and almost always choose one of the top 2 programs!

Module 6 - Putting it All Together

Training 1 - Action Plans
    It’s all about SYSTEMS, no more guess work! Know who to call, what to do, and when. These action plans will help keep you organized so you can grow your business.

Training 2 - Effective Seller Communications
    We all know the number 1 complaint in our industry is COMMUNICATION! Not anymore! Your ability to effectively communicate with your sellers throughout the entire process helps get the home sold faster and provides a better consumer experience.

Training 3 -Prioritizing Your Implementation
    Know exactly where to start and where to end. Also, know exactly what to do first so you can receive the maximum results in the minimum time.

SPECIAL BONUS OFFER - Receive a Complimentary 1-on-1 Coaching Session on the Topic of Your Choice ($500 Value)

This call allows me to personally help you overcome any challenges you are experiencing in your business RIGHT NOW, listings related or not.

At the end of the call you will have the action plan to solve your challenges immediately.

What Are Others Saying?

“Bob met all takers head-on, and made zealots out of naysayers by week’s end. He did this not only through statistics and material but by demonstrating real world implementation.”

Jimmy W. Hill, Mortgage Consultant, Gold Star Mortgage

“…I was all over the board. Never really taking the time to look at proven systems. Going after one shiny object after another. That was the first thing Bob had me fix, and taught me less is more. He had me implement systems one by one that add value to my prospects and clients… Setting me way apart from my competitors. With Bob's guidance, I'm gaining confidence…”

Arjan Breunesse, Morris Williams Realty

“Bob forced us to evaluate our clients’ experience through their eyes, which allows us to create simple, yet powerful, systems to add unsurpassed value to the entire home buying and selling process.”

Shawn Lowery, The John Meulstee Team, Keller Williams Realty


  • Success with FREE Leads PowerPoint
  • Home Selling Guide
  • 4 Steps To Objection Handling
  • Home Selling Brochure
  • FSBO eBook
  • Knockout Listing Presentation
  • Lead Sheet
  • Home Equity Evaluation
  • Script Book
  • Research Lite
  • Thank You Card Kit
  • 52 Weeks of Seller Communications

  • Here's How It Works


    Your Risk Free Guarantees

    30 Day Guarantee

    If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund your payment.
    No Questions Asked!

    60 Day 2x Money Back Guarantee

    If you take the training and attend the weekly Q&A Calls and did NOT receive a 10 times ROI, we will DOUBLE your money back No Questions Asked!

    About The Provider: Bob Cenk is a nationally-known coach with a passion for real estate. An eight-year veteran of the industry, he was a top performer at his brokerage from the outset, closing 33 transactions in his first year and an incredible 126 transactions in his second year. But success came only through constant work and at the expense of his quality of life. So he committed himself to the task of thinking outside the box and raising the industry’s standard of performance. He resolved to create systems, processes, programs and tools that would help him and other agents live better lives, earn higher incomes, and delight their clients with world-class service.

    Bob became the co-owner of his own brokerage, and the leader of The Bob Cenk Group, the largest real estate services team in his market. Through Bob Cenk Coaching, he is sharing the secrets of his success with agents and agent teams through coaching mastermind programs, live events, online webinars, and customizable products that can be downloaded and used immediately to generate more deals at higher commissions.

    Bob’s coaching philosophies are simple and straightforward. Focus on mastering the basics. Learn through self-discipline, practice and repetition. Gain experience through small steps that continually enhance performance. Reach the top of the profession and achieve personal life goals by mastering a set of distinctive capabilities, by training constantly, and by using tools and techniques that are easily implemented and make everyday clients into raving fans!
    Price: $497.00
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