52 Ways to Break the Ice & Target Your Market

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52 Ways to Break the Ice & Target Your Market
About This Course:
Would you rather jump into a cold pool in a thong than walk into a roomful of people with whom you are expected to mingle and hold meaningful conversations ... over and over and over? Is it hard for you to let the world know you have built a better mousetrap?

There's hope and help for you - the interactive learning system: 52 Ways to Break the Ice &Target Your Market. Based on two decks of 26 cards each – Ice Breakers and Market Targeters – there's nothing like it on the market. Also contains 24-page informative manual.

Your goal is to start a meaningful conversation that leaves you memorable long after you have parted ways. You want to be the insurance agent, for instance, who stands out from all the rest. To make that happen, you can't start with "yes" and "no" questions that naturally elicit one-word answers. If you are the kind of person who perspires as you go thought this ordeal, you will soon be sweating.

Ice Breakers

... provide you with open-ended questions that work well for strangers and people you already know. They are bound to get the ball rolling, so easily, in fact, that you forget your fright.

They work particularly well at after-hours events; during registration at company or civic, industry, professional or social meetings or conferences; trade shows; or training sessions.

They transform business-card exchanges into business-building exchanges!

Market Targeters

... help you better articulate your target market, brand and marketing strategies. They challenge you to take a strategic and tactical look at yourself and your business.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses can use them with peers at chambers and networking groups. Non-profits find them helpful for strategic planning. High School and college business and marketing classes like them for hands-on learning. Large companies' sales and marketing teams benefit from them, too.

Here's what others say:

"It takes a clever woman to teach people how not to be shy. Lillian Bjorseth has done it!"

"The Market Targeters ignite
brainstorming sessions that produce results."

"Lillian did the work for us, developing a neat set of tools that can be used in virtually any setting. Thank you, Ms. Bjorseth; you're great!"

52 Ways to Break the Ice & Target Your Market
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