Mastering Powerful Scripts & Dialogues In A Changing Marketplace

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About This Course:
There's obviously no doubt that most of today's markets have changed for the worst... and the truth is, when markets change, so do the strategies and scripts Agents should be using to grow their businesses.

So what's the problem? Most Agents are continuing to use the same tactics they used when their markets were up, only to wonder why they're getting lackluster results!

The truth is, the best Agents are the ones who are 100% prepared and can adapt to any kind of market to increase their incomes when other Agents are struggling to stay afloat. When there's a down market, they open up their tool kit of proven scripts, tools, and strategies to make the most out of the situation.

We'll show you how to use powerful new methods with these learning objectives:

  • How to Build Urgency in Buyers to Get Them to Make a Decision and Act NOW in Markets Where Inventory is High and Urgency is Low - Save Time and Frustration
  • Improve the Quality and Quantity of the Leads You Generate From Your Lead Sources: Ad Calls, Sign Calls, Internet Leads, Open House Leads, Etc.
  • How to Convince Stubborn Sellers to Price Their Homes Competitively to Get a Majority of Your Inventory SOLD
  • How to Overcome the Negative Media Influence and Create Realistic Expectations in Buyers and Sellers
  • The 5 Step System to Price Reductions: How to Save Time, Effort, and Frustration by Getting Reductions the Day of the Presentation
  • How to Save Time By Separating Non-Qualified and Low-Urgency Buyers and Sellers From the Ones Who Will Actually Generate You a Commission Check
  • The Business Production Listings-on-Hand Form: Find Out the Truth About Your Inventory and Odds of Sales. Ensure that You Have Regular Sales From Your Inventory
  • Detailed Rules for Taking/Keeping Over-Priced Listings
  • ...and MUCH More!

Also Included

  • Proven &Extremely Effective Scripts
  • Dialogues
  • Charts
  • Tools
  • Advanced/Detailed Strategies
Mastering Powerful Scripts & Dialogues In A Changing Marketplace
Price: $147.00
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