Legal Preventative Maintenance

Resource Material: ID# 1000555
About This Course:
This course covers practical risk reduction. It focuses on the most common causes -and ways to reduce - exposure to litigation resulting from brokerage practice.

It covers:

  • Types of laws affecting real estate: Constitutional, Federal Public, State Statutory, Common, Contract, &Agency
  • The legal process &its affect: Industry Standards of Practice, Regulations, Civil litigation &damages
  • How to Protect Yourself
  • Ethics
  • What to do when sued
  • Settlement procedures
  • Hearing/Trial
  • Other preventive maintenance

Presented in DVD format with accompanying paper sample forms, this course can be taken independently for professional development, or in conjunction with other courses to earn the Certified Commercial Sales Specialist (CCSS) designation.

Legal Preventative Maintenance
Price: $95.00
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