Short Sales

Resource Material: ID# 1000591
About This Course:
This course covers:

  • Residential, commercial, and land
  • Hot tips to succeed as an investor
  • Pitfalls to avoid, risks to minimize
  • Buying at a discount
  • How to buy property out from under Foreclosure
  • How to Deal with "up-side down" properties
  • Dealing with home equity lines or "seconds"
  • How to get lender approval
  • Techniques that work in THIS century
  • When to get MAXIMUM discounts
  • Not just theory. How to do it.
  • BONUS FOR AGENTS: client advisories

Also included: a 3-6 hour video and a step-by-step manual.

This seminar can be taken independently for professional development, or in conjunction with other courses to earn the Certified Residential Investor Representative (CRIR) designation.

Short Sales
Price: $199.00
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