Customizable Seminar Kit: Seminars For First-Time Home Buyers

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Price: $209.00
About This Course:
Our First-Time Home Buyers Seminar Kit will help you to service a normally overlooked market segment: the first time home buyer.

Developed by Kelle Sparta, professional speaker, trainer, and author of The Consultative Real Estate Agent - who used the program herself to build a business that was 70% buyer-based - it uses her years of experience of attracting and working with first time home buyers.

It will give you proven methods and materials for running a successful seminar - invitations, scripts, handouts - even a customizable version of her very own PowerPoint presentation.

You simply promote the seminar using the proven materials we provide, greet people at the door, show them their seats, make a brief introduction, and then start-up your customized PowerPoint slide presentation. The slides lead you through the presentation step-by-step. Nothing to it!

In no time you'll find that you have increased your exposure to buyers - and their friends - and built a steady stream of qualified leads!

With this program you get complete directions on how to run your seminar, including:

  • A customizable slide presentation (can be run as is, customized to your local needs and markets, or run with and without a mortgage officer partner)
  • A complete script of what to say with each slide
  • A tutorial slide show that has the script recorded so you can see what it will look like (and practice!!)
  • Sample ads
  • A pre-written press release ready for your information to be dropped in
  • Tips on how to put together a flier promoting yourself to buyers
  • How to advertise your event for free
  • How to get sponsors for your event
  • Tips on the best days to hold seminars and which locations that get the best turn-out
  • Detailed handouts to give to the buyers in your audience
  • A list of Home Inspection Facts
  • A Buyer's Worksheet to fill out so they can focus on what they want
  • Plus you get a sign-in sheet to keep track of who attended
  • Five weeks' worth of follow-up postcards to capture the most buyers possible

The seminar is designed to take between 45 and 90 minutes to present (actual time depends on how many questions you get!). You can add, modify, or delete slides as you choose.

For instance, you can change the colors and the pictures to reflect your company brand, include information on partners or sponsors such as a mortgage officer, or simply use the standard presentation we've set up for you!

"Kelle, you rock i am very excited about your program i just bought the home buyers seminar and it is wonderful i have not used it yet but i plan to sometime next month. Keep up the good work "
Kevin Brooks
Kevin Brooks Realty
Mount Vernon, NY

What it is:
This is a simple but powerful way to teach first time buyers about the process of buying a home. It breaks the process down into the bite-sized pieces that scared first-time buyers need to be able to feel comfortable about making that first step into the world of home-ownership.

What it isn't:
This is not a flashy presentation. Training studies in adult education have shown that animation and flash in presentations do not improve audience understanding of the topic matter. In fact, these smoke and mirror tricks actually reduce audience retention of the material. Our presentation is deceptively simple from a presentation perspective. We let our content do the talking. After all, you don't need smoke and mirrors when you know what you're talking about.

This program is provided as downloadable files and can be accessed immediately after purchase! Don't wait; order now and see your business soar!

Customizable Seminar Kit: Seminars For First-Time Home Buyers
Price: $209.00
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