Objection Handling Training Program

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Price: $297.00
About This Course:
Objections are the single biggest stumbling block for Real Estate Agents.

We all hate them and for most of us, if we aren't prepared for them, they stop us dead in our tracks. At the very least, they make us lose our train of thought and put us in a retreat mode.

You can't close a deal when you are running from objections. That's why we've put together the Objection Handling Training Program.

With it, you get the foundation for objection handling tactics - including the most progressive and successful techniques, dialogues, and strategies ever developed for Real Estate Sales.

Get Help With These Objections And More!

Seller Objections

  • Will you cut your commission?
  • Bad experience with a previous agent
  • Negotiation with pricing of the property
  • I want to think it over
  • We don't want to give it away
  • Our House is different
  • We want a shorter listing period

Buyer Objections

  • We are just looking
  • I want to make a lower offer
  • We want to steal a deal
  • I want to see more homes
  • We are in no hurry to buy
  • The market is at it's peak
  • Why work with a buyer's specialist?

What You Receive:

  • A complete objection handling education: from beginning to advanced tactics
  • 6 CD set for audio training
  • 1 CD-ROM workbook with written tools and scripts


I took two new listings in the first 10 days after getting your "Objection Handling" series. The sellers threw a number of objections at me, and I handled them perfectly. They also asked me to cut my commission. They asked, "Why should I hire you?" and "What is your marketing plan?". Because of the CDs, flash cards, and workbook, I answered all of their questions with confidence. I never knew what to say or how to deliver what I was saying before I got this program. I know I would have never gotten those listings without this program. Thanks for your help."
Rich Purvis
RE/MAX Midland
Midland, MI

"I wish I would have had these Objection Handling CDs five years ago they are fabulous! The last one really hits you when everything is summarized and laid out there."
Sheila Rogers
Town &Country Realty
Hamden, ME

"Your series on handling objections has done wonders for my business and career. Before listening to your series and practicing objections, I would go on five listing appointments and take one listing. NOT A GOOD AVERAGE. I used to dread going on listing appointments for one reason and one reason only: The seller would give me objections to the sale. I didn't have the answer, and I would try to fast-talk my way around the question. I'd leave the appointment depressed and questioning myself as to why I am wasting my time in this business. I'm happy to say that, out of five appointments I take four listings now because of the "Objection Handling" series. Most importantly, I look forward to the listing appointments!

On a recent appointment with a seller, the objections were coming at me from the left and right. After handling all of the seller's objections, she became very quiet and looked at me. She didn't say a word for what seemed like an eternity and finally asked, 'Why don't I see your signs in my neighborhood?' She had a funny grin on her face as if to say, 'You can't handle this one.' I did, and left with the sale! I can't help thinking where I would be if I took this first step two years ago?"
John E. Hess
Shear Realty
Victorville, CA

Objection Handling Training Program
Price: $297.00
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