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Aging Building Management: Best Practices In Developing Long-Term Capital Plans

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Up to thirty percent of the average organization's annual capital outlay is spent on facilities and related infrastructure. How can an organization ensure it is most effectively leveraging this investment to support operations today and meet the needs of the future?

Optimally managing capital assets requires detailed information about the condition of an organization's facilities and major building systems. Each facility or department must use consistent methods for documenting building requirements and estimating associated costs.

Capital projects must be prioritized using consistent criteria. And the various stakeholders in the capital planning and management process must be able to see the long-term impact of different investment decisions.

In addition to condition information, by considering sustainability recommendations along with systems lifecycle requirements, building owners and managers can optimize recapitalization and greening initiatives.

This live webinar will outline a best practice process for developing a long-term capital plan from requirements gathering and long-term planning to capital budget creation and spend management.


Challenges in Asset Management
  • Understanding Your Portfolio
  • Agreeing on Needs and Priorities With Multiple Stakeholders
  • Determining How to Optimize Investments – and Minimize Expenses
  • Insufficient Tools for Complex Analysis Needs
Developing a Best Practice Plan
  • Develop a System That Is Tailored to Your Needs
  • Ensure Stakeholder Involvement in the Process
  • Gather All the Data You Need to Make the Most Informed Decisions
  • Incorporate Sustainability Requirements
  • Maintain and Update the Data in Your System
Managing the Capital Asset Lifecycle
  • Collect and Maintain Facility Information
  • Analyze the Facility Data
  • Define Capital Projects and Plans
  • Maintain and Sustain the Program
Client Examples/Case Studies

    Ray Dufresne
    • Vice president of VFA Inc.'s Consulting Services group, responsible for management and direction of projects for customers across VFA's market base
    • Prior to forming the Consulting Services group in 2004, Mr. Dufresne led Assessment Services within VFA for 12 years
    • During his tenure, VFA assessed more than half a billion square feet of property in government, educational, healthcare and corporate markets. It was through his contact with clients over this period that Mr. Dufresne recognized first hand the customer's need for expanded services that integrates capital planning with operational and building process review, financial planning and data integration and analysis
    • Throughout his career, he has pursued computer solutions to complex managerial and computational issues, using a wide variety of software and database systems
    • Prior to joining VFA in 1992, Mr. Dufresne was a practicing architect working on the design and construction administration of office, medical, retail and transportation facilities
    • Speaks at industry conferences and has written on the value of effective capital planning and facility management
    • Bachelor's degree in architecture, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
    Aging Building Management: Best Practices In Developing Long-Term Capital Plans
    Available on CD format
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