Client Testimonial Program

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About This Course:

Add 2-3 Buyer Referrals A Month Through An Effective Client Testimonial Program

Why spend money on advertising for subpar or weak real estate leads? You would agree that the best lead is a referral! For a few great reasons:
  1. You don't have to pay to generate the lead
  2. The leads are much easier to convert if they are already pre-sold

Again, referrals are the best leads. What's better, you telling everyone you're the very best, or someone else telling everyone you're the very best?

I do this with testimonials! Everyone knows they should get testimonials, but the task always gets put off and put off until you just forget to get them. Or come up with excuses that it's too late now.

What you'll learn is a systematic approach to getting testimonials 99% of the time - by writing them for your clients!! There's even a built-in fail-safe just in case you forget to get it signed in person!

  • 99% success rate on getting testimonials
  • Clients who write even better testimonials than you suggest
  • 2-5 referrals a year from the clients who wrote the testimonials
  • 2-5 referrals a year from prospects who read your client testimonials
  • Easier conversions, from leads who already understand your capabilities

What's Included In Your Download

  • Testimonial Procedure
  • Testimonial Worksheet
  • Testimonial Sample
  • Testimonial Request Letter
  • Editable Direct Mail
  • Testimonial Examples For Buyers, Sellers,
    and Combination Buyer & Sellers
  • Editable Testimonial Book

What Are Others Saying?

"Bob met all takers head-on, and made zealots out of naysayers by week's end. He did this not only through statistics and material but by demonstrating real world implementation."

Jimmy W. Hill, Mortgage Consultant, Gold Star Mortgage

"...I was all over the board. Never really taking the time to look at proven systems. Going after one shiny object after another. That was the first thing Bob had me fix, and taught me less is more. He had me implement systems one by one that add value to my prospects and clients... Setting me way apart from my competitors. With Bob's guidance, I'm gaining confidence..."

Arjan Breunesse, Morris Williams Realty

"Bob forced us to evaluate our clients' experience through their eyes, which allows us to create simple, yet powerful, systems to add unsurpassed value to the entire home buying and selling process."

Shawn Lowery, The John Meulstee Team, Keller Williams Realty

30 Day Guarantee

If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund your payment, no questions asked!
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Client Testimonial Program
Price: $97.00
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