Convert and Commit the Buyer... Every Time!

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About This Course:
With the vast majority of agents in North American doing more transactions on the buyer side than the seller side, agents need to make sure that they are converting on every possibility they have in the marketplace.

Thus, every viable lead that is created must be converted to income-producing, closed transactions.

That's where we can help. You'll receive a set of audio tapes and our interactive Workbook that gives you the tools you need to close the deal! Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to convert the buyer on the first call
  • Value building tactics customized for your client's mind
  • Advanced conversion techniques to drive them to commit
  • Tactics to closing a commitment meeting
  • Exclusive tools to get them to sign a represent agreement now!
  • Dozens of worksheets, handouts, interview forms and strategies
  • Prospect capture, inventory, and conversion forms
  • Scripts, dialogues and critiques to cover all aspects of conversion

Special Bonus

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About The Author

Dirk Zeller is President of Real Estate Champions. He is recognized as the premier coach for the real estate industry. Dirk has developed a system that takes "regular" Agents and Managers and transforms them into "Champion" Agents &Managers.

Real Estate Champions coaching systems are built around Dirk's incredible success as one of the Top Agents in all of North America. Dirk's biggest claim to fame was his ability to close over 150 transactions annually.

With over 300 published articles to his credit, Dirk is one of the most published authors in success and sales training in the real estate industry. His Coaches Corner weekly newsletter has over 230,000 subscribers, and his First Year In Real Estate book on real estate sales is the most widely read "how to" book for beginning Agents. He recently completed the Success As A Real Estate Agent For Dummies book.Dirk is currently CEO of Real Estate Champions, Inc whose mission is: "To Teach and Inspire People to Use Their God Given Talents to Achieve Excellence in Life" and does so through Real Estate Training and Coaching.

Dirk, I now know how to compete against ANY agent in MY marketplace. Beating the fee-discounters is not a problem at all now. My income has gone up 139%, and I am one of the top-paid agents in my marketplace!

Dirk, what you have taught me has changed my life and business forever!"

Kim Eddinger - RE/MAX Eugene,OR

Convert and Commit the Buyer... Every Time!
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