D.I.S.C Assessment & Manual

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About This Course:
We all have multiple personalities. For example, most of us behave differently at home with family than with friends, our peers at work, or new customers.

Understanding these contrasts allows you to adapt more effectively and often find more comfort, more happiness, and more success...and help you relate better and more quickly to people, allowing you to sell with greater confidence.

The D.I.S.C. report analyzes the behavioral styles and helps you recognize and develop these styles to become a better salesperson!

It also will help in your personal relationships too! You'll communicate better with your wife, boss, neighbors, anyone!

The Assessments asks you to answer a series of questions and compiles the data into a report that thoroughly analyzes aspects of your behavioral style.

It indicates your strengths, weaknesses, and how to thrive within those parameters.

Information Included in the PDF Report:

  • Your General Characteristics
  • Your Value to the Organization
  • Do's and Don'ts for other to communicate with you
  • Communication tips for you to deal with others
  • Your ideal environment
  • Your perception of yourself and as others see you under varying levels of stress
  • Detailed Descriptors of your personality style
  • You natural and adapted style of communication
  • Your Motivation Style
  • Keys to managing you based on your behavioral style
  • Areas for improvement and an action plan
  • Behavioral Bar Graph to contrast your Natural and Adapted Styles
  • You Style Insight Graph comparing your Natural vs. Adapted Styles
  • Insight Wheel- provides a visual representation of your style

We created a manual that provides a page by page explanation to explain the significance of each element of the report.

Some of the pages are your 'Checklist for Communicating with You, Do's and Don'ts, 'Ideal work Environment,' 'Keys to Motivating You,' 'Keys to Managing You,' Areas for Improvement, and a DISC 'Action Plan.'

For each page we gave you tips on how to best understand and interpret that page. We also pose a specific question or suggest a specific action that is "Real Estate Related and directly correlate to your Real Estate career. You can gain tremendous power, joy, confidence, and skill from this.

We also provide a section called 'Recognizing DISC Styles with both simple traits of each style so that you can more easily identify the personality styles in others and a quick two step process that often identifies a person's style based on pace and intensity or information and people orientation.

This section also includes a detailed over thirty five specific characteristics of each style for those of you that want more detail and insight into your style and others. Imagine being able to control, influence, and enjoy your life more with these insights.


The DISC report has added a new facet to our hiring decisions. The report, along with the incredibly insightful manual created by Rich Levin, has helped us to make more informed hiring decisions based on accurate expectations garnered from the report. Before, our hiring practices were solely based on gut instinct with a cursory review of skills from their resume. Now with DISC, we can assess not only behavioral fit based on our job descriptions, but how to interact and motivate employees once we hire them. The value of the report has been proven time and time again by the many successful hires we have had and the successful growth of our company.
Renee Klug- Broker/Owner

D.I.S.C Assessment & Manual
Price: $59.99
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