How To Protect Your Commission Training Program

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About This Course:
The biggest problem Agents are facing is the downward pressure on their fees. Commission cutting is rampant across the country, and in most markets there are more Agents willing to take listings at a substantial díscount than ever before.

Those Agents who are cutting their fees are affecting everyone because most Agents are unable to protect their commission. In response to this issue, we have developed the "How To Protect Your Commission" program.

In this powerful program you will learn how to defend your service and your value to the prospect, client, and against the díscounters.

You will receive four Audio CDs and one CD-ROM Workbook that will teach you how to:

  • Establish a value mindset
  • Determine the commission objection before, or early in, the presentation
  • Know who you are up against so the client can comparison shop service and value - not fee
  • Determine the real value of the service you provide
  • Identify the clients needs and service they want from you
  • Develop the real benefits of your service
  • Attach monetary value to your services that a seller can understand
  • Deliver them all with power on your listing presentation
  • Achieve a higher level of commission!

You get all this plus the scripts and dialogues that ensure success in getting the client to list with you at full fee!

And best yet, if you are not thrilled with this program, return the material for a full refund. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Order today!

How To Protect Your Commission Training Program
Price: $147.00
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