It's Not About Price: Value Selling in Today's Markets

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About This Course:
If you cannot attend one of the live seminars, you now can benefit from Walt’s powerful Value Selling practices online when you want, where you want! Learn at your own pace and on your own terms. Apply what you gain to your own selling circumstances – the best way to sharpen your selling skills and acquire new ones!

Whatever your branch of business, you will build upon your sales skills in this fast-paced learning experience from Walt Slaughter.

Become a master at selling value! Competing upon price is the second most common mistake that salespeople make. With our training, you will become an expert at differentiating your products and services while focusing upon value, not price!

You Will Learn:
  • 15 things that buyers want from you before low price
  • Why most salespeople don’t score with their value propositions
  • How to book 50%+ new business on non-price issues
  • How to clinch any sale with three questions
  • How to side step the commoditization trap
  • How once and for all to separate yourself from your competitors
  • How to capture buyers’ undivided attention
  • Eight ways to respond when it is about price
  • The single most effective “close” you can use
  • Why buyers buy: the reason they give you and the real reason
  • Ways to make an instant ally of every prospect
  • The five most common mistakes that you can make in your selling
  • How to bullet-proof your customer base
  • Five little-known tips for winning more bids and quotes
  • How to respond to “I can get the same thing for less”
  • How not to telegraph that your price is negotiable
  • Why never be first to present your product or service solution(s)
  • When asking a favor beats doing a favor every time
  • How to minimize – even eliminate – RISK on the part of the buyer
  • Three ways to defer discussing price prematurely
Included Materials
  • Four Hour-Long Sessions
    Each 60-minute segment is fast-paced and filled with sales practices, tips and techniques that you can put to work for yourself. Each offers exercises that invite your participation. These sessions pack a lifetime of selling lessons into four short hours.

  • Briefing Booklet and Handouts
    A 32-page Briefing Booklet and handouts complement your viewing experience. They also supply additional selling tips. Downloads include Walt’s popular 33 Selling Mistakes.

Accessing Your Materials:

This is an online course. Instructions to access the course will be emailed to you within one business day of your paid registration. You will have access to the course for 21 days. There is a 50% discount for any renewal.
It's Not About Price: Value Selling in Today's Markets
Price: $245.00
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