List & Sell Real Estate Like Crazy! for Real Estate Agents

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Price: $299.00
About This Course:
Want to dominate the competition on listings and convert more buyer leads into signed business? List &Sell Real Estate Like Crazy combines 21st Century advances in technology with time tested strategies that really work.

This training set by author Bernice Ross will teach you the most effective listing presentation strategies and dialogues in the business. The set includes:

  • 11 hour audio CD Program featuring Bernice Ross, who has over 25 years experience in the real estate business.
  • 200+ page manual with proven strategies and tips
  • CD-ROM with all the forms referenced in the training materials

Here's a partial outline of what's covered:

  • How to attract high quality sellers to your business
  • Knock out the competition with services less than 2% of all agents provide.
  • Interpret the seller's body language to increase your closing ratios.
  • Overcome seller objections with these six powerful closing strategies.
  • Negotiate offers you can take to the bank
  • Generating new leads from past sellers and buyers
  • Using Powerful Questions to Evaluate the Buyers' Values, Needs, and Wants
  • The Buyer's Interview: The Shortest Route to a Quick Sale
  • Obtain the Buyer's commitment to work with you exclusively
  • Interpret the Buyer's Non-verbal buying signs
  • Male and female buying differences
  • Closing strategies to use during showings
  • Six powerful strategies for closing the buyer
  • Overcome the eight most common buyer objections
  • Offer Presentation strategies that work
  • What to do when the transaction goes sour

If you're tired of working with buyers who waste your time and don't ever purchase from you, Sell Real Estate Like Crazy will put you back in control.

List & Sell Real Estate Like Crazy! for Real Estate Agents
Price: $299.00
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