Listings Generator Kit

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About This Course:
Ramp up your ability to list properties with this ultimate prospecting kit! Its a great way to automate a lead system for yourself!

With this proven program, you simply mail out a few postcards per week and the postcards do the selling for you. They will make a seller question what didn't work with either their last agent or by doing it themselves, and then they will call you to find out more!

One you've got the system set up, it only takes about an hour a week to maintain. Whether you do it yourself or have your assistant or intern do it, you'll be surprised how quickly your phone starts ringing and your pipeline fills with qualified leads!

You get our Expired Listing Postcard Program, the FSBO Postcard Program, and the FSBO Marketing Program - everything you need to pursue those sellers who are ready to sell NOW!

You receive customizable presentations for each, plus the support materials listed below. Simply add, modify, or delete portions as you choose, add your picture and company info, print the presentation yourself or take it to a printer. There's nothing here that you can't change!

You receive:

  • Expired Listing Postcard Program
    Get listings quickly by pursuing Expired Listings. These are the sellers who already proved they were willing to work with an agent. Make sure their next agent is you.

    The Expired Listing Postcard System gives you 16 postcards to choose from. Use just a few or use them all. They are all designed to make a seller question what didn't work with their last agent and then call you to find out more.

  • For Sale By Owner Postcard Listing Program
    These postcards soften up the sellers by getting them to think about all the difficult aspects about being a FSBO and the downsides of selling their home themselves. Then the FSBO Marketing Program helps you show them exactly how much work it takes to do it yourself.
  • For Sale By Owner Marketing Program
    This workbook gives the sellers everything they need to sell the house themselves - all the while overwhelming them with the amount of work it will take to do it. At the same time, it impresses them with how organized you are.


  • Postcards are 4X6, 2-up per page and work with Avery Postcard Stock #8387
  • The postcard files contain both the message on one side and a set-up for the address on the other side of the card.
  • You can print the cards yourself or take them to a printer.
  • Buy the package ONCE and print as many postcards as you want!
  • Cards are completely customizable to you.
  • Want to use less ink? Change the colors and the pictures.
  • Don't like the wording? Change it!
  • Want to use your branding? No problem!
  • There's nothing on here that you can't change.
  • Don't reinvent the wheel - just modify it!

You will receive an email within 24 hours of ordering with the details on how to download your files immediately and then your CD will ship out via first class mail by the next business day. These programs come as a CD in Microsoft Word 2003 Format. (The Listing and Buyer Presentation Books are also provided in PowerPoint 2003 format.)

Listings Generator Kit
Price: $147.00
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