Making Money In A Down Market

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About This Course:

The Making Money in a Down Market system is developed by Traci Smith, the leader of the #1 Century 21 team in the nation (and the President of the 7th highest-producing Century 21 office in the nation)!

The Making Money in a Down Market system is a proven system used by Traci and her team, and now she teaches you the exact methods and procedures they use to create their success!

Learn The
Techniques, Strategies, &Scripts
That Have Worked For
The #1 Century 21 Team
For Six Years!

Traci is a practicing realtor like you, and her Making Money in a Down Market program will teach you a system that'll make your life easier, improve your efficiency, and make you a more effective agent!

It'll take you through a proven system which consistently makes her team more money without working more hours. You'll learn methodologies that'll leave other real estate professionals guessing.

You'll Discover:

  • How to market when you have no money to spend
  • Which activities are a complete waste of time and will not get you any closer to the sale
  • How to develop a niche market
  • How to make your voice mail a money maker
  • 5 Ways to Handle The Most Common Buyer Objections
  • AIDA: An Acronym for Success – and the steps to put AIDA into practice
  • 13 Strategies for Dealing with Seller Objections
  • Powerful Scripts
  • Successful Prospecting
  • A FSBO Script and Call Tracking Chart that'll keep you organized and on track
  • 9 Tips on Staying Safe, don't fall prey.
  • A New Definition of Farming – and the Best Ways to Develop Your Niche Market
  • How to network like a pro
  • How to get your broker to do more for you
  • How to have open houses the smart, safe way
  • How to make sure your colleagues want to sell your listings
  • Buyer Prospecting Tools, panning for gold takes too much time, learn where to find the nuggets
  • What do you do when funding is held up?
  • What do you do when documents need to be redrawn?
  • 10–Point Quizzes for Qualifying Your Sellers and Your Buyers, don't waste time with prospects that you can't work with
  • 16 High-Impact Resources to Continue Your Self-Growth

You also receive access to her proven scripts for overcoming most of the objections you'll hear, including:

  • My credit's not good
  • I don't have money for a down payment
  • I'm afraid I might get laid off
  • I'm locked into a lease
  • I'm not interested
  • I already have a house
  • I'm new to the area and don't know where I want to live
  • I'm going to buy a FSBO and save money
  • I had a bad experience with your company
  • I'm afraid I won't be able to pay for repairs

Bottom line, this training works because it's a "real life" system.


When you purchase the Making Money In A Down Market Training System we'll also give you over $500.00 in bonus discounts and books, including a free month of FSBO leads from "" and "12 Tactics for Greater Marketing Power by Nido Qubein"!

Act Today!

It's time to forget everything you've come to know and start fresh. Learn a new way to work, an easier way to work, and a new way to think about real estate.

Be among the top 2% of successful real estate professionals - with less effort than you think, and best of all, it's only $199!


If you're not satisfied with the quality of my training and resources and within the first 60 days after purchasing, I'll issue a full refund of your money. Go ahead and invest in your future now, there's nothing to lose.

Making Money In A Down Market
Price: $199.00
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