Managing Multiple Banking Projects and Priorities

Webinar: ID# 1000537
About This Course:
So much to do and so little time? Learn time management tricks that are vital to your mental survival and work productivity. Learn key principles to help you "align with time" so that you can accomplish more with less stress. You'll learn proven time management strategies, as well as take a look at setting goals and priorities, organizing your work area, and matching your energy levels to key projects. Your investment of two hours in this webinar can yield exponential results when it comes to your time and project management.

Expected Outcomes:

  • You will gain a better sense of organization and time management, as well as the insight on how to adjust working habits to maximize productivity
  • You will learn new ways of looking at time and project management, as well as tips and techniques, that will help you in your everyday work life
  • You will learn how to deal with typical problems of organization, from lost papers, to desk organization, to interruptions


  • Learn the three secret sounds, the three top time management secrets, and the four key questions
  • Discover over 20 time management rules of thumb
  • Learn how to set priorities
  • Discover the acknowledge-plus rule to increase your assertiveness when managing
  • Discover the one-word secret to getting others to respect your time
  • Learn how to use goal setting as effective time management tool

Who Should Attend?
This course will be geared toward a wide audience-essentially anyone with too much on their plate. Specific job titles that would benefit include teller supervisors, assistant branch managers, branch managers, loan officers, back-end operations staff, supervisors, assistant vice presidents, senior staff, and commercial bankers.

The Presenter
Margaret DeMarino is a corporate trainer, specializing in the area of written and verbal communication, supervisory skills, administrative training, and customer service. Known for her "fun and functional" approach, Ms. DeMarino offers workshops and webinars to a wide range of clients including, banks and financial institutions, manufacturing companies, state and federal government agencies, and others. Ms. DeMarino holds a B.A. in Communication Arts from the University of Dayton and was a Fellow of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute at Yale University. She also currently free-lances for the Hartford Courant.

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