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Payroll Paperwork & Reporting 101

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About This Course:
This training session covers the details of paycheck preparation, summary recordkeeping, deposit requirements, tax returns, and other forms necessary in the operations of payroll.

All businesses with payroll are subject state, federal, and local audits over a wide range of compliance topics. The penalties involved are progressive and rise according to level of severity. As they can go back eight years or more, the interest alone on delinquent liabilities can be devastating.

And we feel your pain. Who doesn't feel "buried" under the mountains of paperwork required to keep the IRS, state, and local regulatory agencies happy? Even though a lot of it is now e-file, the amount of information needed and time frames to get it there are as burdensome as ever.

Don't get caught off guard! Let us show you the what, when, where, and how of payroll paperwork!

What You'll Learn:

This presentation will allow you to confidently schedule data runs and summary totals for the numbers you need to accurately and timely comply with requirements.

We will not only talk federal requirements, but what is required by all states, generalities concerning most states, and what to look out for from counties and other local governments, plus we'll cover:

  • Payroll tax deposits - state and federal schedules and due dates
  • Quarterly payroll tax returns
  • Yearly summary reports to government agencies
  • W2s, 1099s and other year end forms
  • Special forms - Local tax forms, prevailing wage reports, government contract requirements, etc.
Payroll Paperwork & Reporting 101
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