Presenting The CMA

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About This Course:
The Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) is the most important tool you can use to persuade your sellers to list with you at the right price. It is your key "evidence" against which you will be "cross examined" by your sellers.

Today's agent must be highly skilled both at preparing accurate data and presenting it convincingly. With this DVD, you will see actual CMA presentations by top agents in real situations.

You Will Learn

  • Pricing Philosophy
    • All real estate sells for market value
    • Three parts to a listing
  • Introducing the CMA
    • Establish the owner's priorities
    • Establish range vs. exact price
  • Importance of Pricing
    • Pricing pyramid $ vs. %
    • Absorption Rate
    • Position vs. Price
  • Rules of the CMA
    • How to sequence your comps
    • What is the highest SOLD?
  • Cost vs. Value
  • Adjusting for Differences
  • CMA Summary
    • Value is set by market, not agents
    • Let the owner set the price, not you
  • Presentation Skills
    • Question their position
    • Be on their side
  • Strategies for Fast Markets
  • Tech Tips
    • Using CMA Software: Xpert CMA
  • Printable Materials
    • Pricing dialogs, charts, software screens
  • Bonus
    • Overpricing Cautions
  • Audio CD
    For those who want to reinforce learning by listening in the car, we've included an audio CD of the main feature

Other Features

Everyone learns differently, so each DVD delivers information in a variety of ways to accommodate multiple learning styles. Here's how:

  • Watch
    You'll see "reality realty" by watching top agents in actual LIVE situations and see their techniques in action. Each transaction is videotaped live as it occurs. No more theory…only realistic training. Your subconscious mind absorbs the skills for immediate recall in a similar situation.
  • Hear
    You will hear both sides of telephone calls and watch real clients react in presentations. Hearing actual responses to actual objections will help you memorize dialog for future use.
  • Listen
    David Knox, one of the leading speakers in the industry, presents specific skills and techniques in his fun, dynamic style. If you enjoy a live seminar, this is as close as it gets. You'll also hear leading industry experts share their expertise and knowledge on everything from managing your business to using technology effectively.
  • Read
    Included on each DVD is a wealth of printed materials that supports the training programs. You will be able to follow along on a printed outline, read actual dialogs and examine various illustrations.
  • Print
    Each DVD contains printed support material in Adobe® PDF format. You will be able to print course outlines, checklists, charts, diagrams, illustrations and dialogs.
  • Use
    Many releases will also contain valuable presentation slides, tools and materials that you can use with your clients.

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Presenting The CMA
Price: $95.00
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