Team Mastery

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About This Course:
Whether you have a large team or are just starting to create one, there's always a gap between where you are right now and where you dream of being. The question is, do you have the systems in place to close that gap?

The truth is, if you don't come from a strong business and sales background, there can be a very steep learning curve to building a Champion Team. It's definitely not easy even for ones who have, and there are some specific systems you have to have in place.

You could call these "pieces to the puzzle", and if you're missing even one or two of them, your production can be slowed or even completely stalled...

With Team Mastery, You'll Learn:
  • Steps, Questions, and Systems for how to clarify and establish a rock-solid foundation for your business. Use these to set yourself up for success decades into the future
  • A complete Champion Prospecting System (voicemail scripts, crucial rules for follow-up calls and opening statements, much more) that will significantly increase your leads, appointments, and ultimately your sales
  • How to convert your inbound leads at the highest possible level using the QuadraTrack™ system - powerful, multi-track scripts for any step in the sales process. Your Agents will never get thrown off track or caught off guard with a prospect. They'll be able to achieve consistent results you can count on
  • The Four Core Success Plans that every member of your team needs to construct to increase their production and quality of life dramatically. Create an Activity Management Plan and follow the 5-5-5 System of Success to ensure that your team members are consistently growing your business
  • A complete system for training Buyer's Agents to achieve Champion-Level Productivity (performance standards, key rules, lead follow-up systems to maximize conversion, etc.). I've seen hundreds of Agents experience production drops when adding Buyer's Agents - until they started using this system
  • Eight Stages of Organizational Growth that you must do in the right order if you want to achieve true wealth in your business. Getting these right will ensure that your net profit is on the rise every year
  • How to use DISC to match the right people to the right positions to minimize conflicts & maximize your profitability. Being a great company takes great people, and these tools will turn your business into well-oiled machine with the perfect mix of Agents
  • How to create a Champion Business Plan™ (Triple Track™ Monitoring System, handouts, forms - a complete system). You'll know exactly how many contacts, leads, and appointments you need to make (for each member of your team) so you can meet your production goals
  • The secrets to using Facebook, Social Media, Branding, and Traditional/Internet Marketing to grow your business in the 21st century
  • How to create a full Business Dashboard (forms, charts, worksheets, handouts - a complete system) to monitor your actions, results, and revenue. If you start using just this one particular system, you are almost guaranteed to achieve a significant profit increase
  • Interview questions, ads, and crucial steps/systems to make absolutely sure that you will hire the right people to make your team thrive. Using these can potentially save you thousands of hours from hiring the wrong people
...and much more. This just scratches the surface. In all, you receive:
  • 40 Training Videos of step-by-step training with the digital whiteboard
  • 10 Workbooks Full of Scripts, Handouts, Forms, Instruction, etc.
  • Weekly Activity Grids for Buyer's Agents, Listing Agents, and Dual Agents
  • Buyer's/Seller's Pipeline Form
  • Client Prospect Inventory Form
  • Business Plan/Tools for Buyer's Agents, Team Leaders, and Overall Team
  • Weekly Activity Grids for Buyer's Agents, Listing Agents, and Dual Agents
  • Seasonality Tool - Team Production
  • Triple Track Form for Buyer's Agents, Listings Agents, Team Leaders, and Overall Team
  • Daily Call Log Summary Report
  • Business Production/Listings on Hand Form
  • Free Future Updates to the Team Mastery course
  • Mark Spain's Team Manual - forms, systems, checklists from Mark's business
  • 10 Complete Sessions of in-depth training with Dirk Zeller and Mark Spain in our online Training Hub
Team Mastery
Price: $497.00
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