The Complete FHA & VA Originations Guide

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About This Course:
Be an important part of government programs that have helped bring the American Dream home for millions of prospective home buyers!

In today's competitive marketplace, can you afford to continue to ignore the most lucrative mortgage programs available to mortgage originators across the nation?

The Advantages of FHA Programs

  • Low cash required-three percent total (none for VA)
  • Low closing costs-all mortgage insurance can be financed
  • No cash reserves required
  • Larger seller contributions-up to 6.0% on a minimum down payment mortgage
  • 100% gifts allowed with minimum down payment mortgage
  • Higher ratios-29/41
  • Non-owner occupant co-borrowers allowed with a minimum down payment mortgage
  • Citizenship not required with a minimum down payment mortgage
  • FHA loans are assumable at the note rate
  • Appraisals are good for six months
  • FHA streamline refinances-no doc refinances for investor properties at owner-occupied rates
  • Cash out refinances to 85% with no higher rate
  • Condominiums are acceptable with 51% owner-occupancy within the project
  • Nontraditional credit histories can be considered
  • Credit scores are not mandatory
  • Gaining master appraisal expertise can provide an "in" with builders
  • It is a government program

The Complete FHA &VA Originations Guide is a complete compilation of guidelines, forms, formulas, AND marketing strategies and materials.

What good is the knowledge of government programs if you do not know where to go to find the loans? What good is the knowledge of where to go if you do not have letters to help produce response? The complete originations guide will help you understand AND act.

Adding FHA and VA expertise to your product line opens up a whole new world for your success. From low-to-moderate income borrowers to streamline refinances, these are truly powerful tools.

Learn and use this knowledge not only to become more successful, but to help bring the dream of homeownership to those citizens who will really appreciate the blessing we have in America.

Contents By Chapter

  • FHA Mortgages
  • VA Mortgages
  • FHA &VA Marketing Letters
  • FHA Forms
  • VA Forms
  • FHA Credit Guide
  • FHA Mortgagee Letters
  • FHA Appraisal Guide
  • FHA 4155
  • VA Lenders Handbook
The Complete FHA & VA Originations Guide
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