The New Agent Recruiting System

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About This Course:
Are you a broker who is a little less than enthusiastic about having to recruit new agents? Many brokers dread bringing new agents aboard mainly because new agents

They lack experience in real estate and require training. In the course "The New Agent Recruiting System", Rich Casto, one of the nation's top real estate coaches, conveys a more positive outlook when it comes to new agents.

In doing so, he provides a recruiting system created just for new agents.

The course "The New Agent Recruiting System":

  • Explains the important benefits of recruiting new agents
  • States the expectations new agents have of their future broker
  • Tells you how to find and obtain new agents

Many brokers do not understand the value of recruiting new agents, so Rich begins the course by explaining the benefits of bringing new agents into an office.

After knowing these benefits, you will be more open to hiring them. However in order to obtain them, you must know what their expectations are beforehand, so you know what to emphasize when persuading them to join your office.

In addition, you must also know where to look for and how to reach out to these new agents. All of this information and more is provided in the course!

After watching "The New Agent Recruiting System," you will know:

  • The reasons to recruit new agents
  • How to establish your culture with new agents
  • Expectations new agents have of a broker
  • How to hold new agents accountable for their choices
  • Possible places to find new agents
  • How to reach out to new agents
  • How to promote a career seminar and triple attendance
  • What to do first and questions to ask in a new agent interview
  • Answers given by new agents that should raise red flags in an interview

The future depends on who is hired NOW! Properly trained new agents are critical for a company to be competitive. Rich's training for recruiting new agents ensures a profitable and enduring company!

"The New Agent Recruiting System" is presented in a very unique way! Combined with streaming video of Rich on the left side of the screen and flash text and images reinforcing his words on the right side of the screen, the course is designed to keep viewers attentive and to help them retain the information longer.

Not only are we sure you will become immersed in the information, you get one full year of access to the material!

The New Agent Recruiting System
Price: $30.00
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