The Step-by-Step Listing Process

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About This Course:
The listing process is the biggest opportunity you get to make an impression on sellers. You want to be confident and well-informed as well as know the answer to any question they ask, before they ask it!

With the help of this course, you not only leave with the listing secured, but with the promise of referrals!

The course "The Step-by-Step Listing Process":

  • Tells you what makes a listing marketable
  • Explains ways to keep the sellers' attention during the listing presentation
  • Walks you through the entire listing process from start to finish by telling you everything you need to discuss with sellers and how to do it
  • Ensures that you clearly understand what your job is (Hint: It might not be what you or sellers think)

Even though it may only last a couple of hours at the most, the listing presentation and everything leading up to it is the most critical stage in listing homes, for if this process does not go well, then the agent can not progress to the other stages.

Because the listing presentation is the one time an agent has to persuade sellers to use him or her to list their homes, it requires the most attention and work.

True to its name, "The Step-by-Step Listing Process," walks you through every step you should take at a listing presentation, including everything you should do and discuss. In this course, Rich Casto, one of the nation's top real estate coaches, tells you how to come prepared for and deal with every part of the listing process.

From touring the house and asking the right questions to educating sellers on marketing and pricing strategies, the listing process is your opportunity to make a positive impression on sellers by making them feel comfortable with you as a potential agent and confident in your abilities to sell their house with the most effectiveness.

After watching "The Step-by-Step Listing Process," you will know:

  • The benefits of being a listing agent
  • Everything that is involved in the listing process
  • How human beings learn and how to apply this information to the listing presentation
  • Sellers' three goals in selling their homes
  • Factors that affect pricing
  • How to explain pricing factors to sellers
  • How to demonstrate your knowledge of the market, your negotiation skills and more
  • How to listen and talk to sellers in a way that makes them feel their thoughts and concerns are being addressed

"The Step-by-Step Listing Process" is presented in a very unique way! Combined with streaming video of Rich on the left side of the screen and flash text and images reinforcing his words on the right side of the screen, the course is designed to keep viewers attentive and to help them retain the information longer.

Not only are we sure you will become immersed in the information, you get one full year of access to the material!

The Step-by-Step Listing Process
Price: $139.00
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