The Total Recruiting System (On CD's)

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About This Course:
From the why's to the how's - everything you need to know about recruiting the experienced agents that you want can be found in this CD package.

You'll receive five CDs – all created by Judy LaDeur, expert recruiter and trainer, that help you put your systems in place, give you effective dialogues for speaking and recruiting agents, and teach you how to develop a powerful presentation designed to make them say "Yes"!

Plus you also receive one hour of personalized coaching with Judy LaDeur herself, a $350 value!!!!

Here's what you get:

  • CD 1: Why Recruiting Is So Important
    Today the most important thing that you must do as a broker to stay in business and be profitable is recruit the best agents! However, recruiting still seems to be one of the toughest challenges that brokers face. This system will allow you to increase the market position of each of your offices by $50,000,000.00 every year.

    What would that do for your market position and profitability? One of the first things that I do is to teach you how agents think, and what motivates them to move. You will learn what the best agents are looking for and how to create an environment that attracts those agents. You will also get a step by step process to implementing the best systems for your office.

  • CD 2: Building a Strong Recruiting Foundation: Judy's Anchors for Successful Recruiting
    The secret to long term, consistent results in recruiting is to build the right foundation. This includes talking to the right agents, saying the right things, sending the right marketing pieces and promoting the success of the agents who have joined your team. With the right foundation, you can recruit 2-5 agents per month, every month!
  • CD 3:
    Part 1: Systems That Keep You Positioned At All Times
    Recruiting is all about timing. When the timing is right for that agent you must be positioned to get face to face with them. That will only happen if you build the right relationship with them. It is also a contact sport. The more contacts you have, the better your results. There are lots of ways to effectively build relationships with the agents you want. You should pick the systems that complement your style of recruiting. There are lots of systems out there, but this CD will tell you which systems are getting the best results.

    Part 2: Telephone Dialogue: Effective Communication Techniques That Put You Face To Face With Three Candidates Each Week
    There is a very specific formula that you need to follow to comfortably stay in touch with the agents that you want. Do you sometimes feel as though they are dodging your calls? Do they say, "Don't call me, I'll call you."? Then this CD is just what you need.

    It's all about what you say, and how they perceive your calls. If you chase them, they'll run! Most brokers confirm that it sometimes takes years to have the best agents join your team. So, how do you stay comfortably in touch until the right time? This CD will teach you the best dialogs, the best time to call, and the secrets to getting face to face with three agents per week.

  • CD 4: The Interview Process: 7 Steps To Successfully Hiring The Experienced Agents That You Want
    The seven-step process for interviewing Agents is designed to keep you on track and in control. I will teach you how to have them tell you what they want, so that you can present the systems that will make a difference in their decision to join your team. It is as simple as listing or selling houses.
  • CD 5:
    Part 1: Effective Presentation Skills
    Every interview should be customized to the agent that you are talking to. If you follow the steps in the interview process, the presentation is designed to "sell them" on your firm during the presentation process. This special technique is designed to make agents feel good about joining your firm and to increase the number of agents that will say "yes" when you ask them to join.

    Part 2: How To Overcome Stalls And Objections And Get Them Signed Up!
    I believe that a Master Closer is someone who has the ability to make others feel comfortable making the decision that they have already decided to make. Everyone gets nervous when they are making a major change in their life. Changing jobs is also scary.

    Top producing agents have lots of concerns when changing companies such as pending inventory, loss of income, and learning a new system. This five-step process will allow you to comfortably overcome any stall or objection that you may hear, and have experienced agents signing up on the first interview!

The Total Recruiting System (On CD's)
Price: $249.00
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