Trade Show Success: How To Plan For Profit With Pre-Show Preparation

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About This Course:
It happens all the time: a company works hard to put together an attractive, enticing exhibit for a tradeshow, but when it's all over, the results, in terms of quality booth traffic, qualified leads, and at and/or post-show sales are nowhere near what they expected.

The problem usually lies not with the exhibit or the show, but with seven exhibition industry facts:

  • The average company allocates 31.6% of their total marketing budget to tradeshows
  • Only 24% of exhibitors set specific objectives for tradeshows
  • 82% of exhibitors do no little or targeted pre-show marketing
  • 49% of booth visitors are dissatisfied with how exhibitors met their information needs
  • 76% of salespeople view tradeshow leads as "cold calls"
  • 87% of tradeshow leads captured are never effectively followed up
  • Only 14% of exhibitors have any organized form of post-show follow-up

Bottom line, your trade show results depend on what you do weeks before the show.

Learning Objectives:

The simple preparation you learn from our "Plan For Profit With Pre-Show Preparation" program can substantially increase the revenues you generate, trade show after trade show.

This powerful program unveils the planning secrets of trade show winners. It teaches you exactly how to plan for certain results at your next show, including:

  • Simple preparations that get stunning results
  • Define your outcomes in advance
  • Have a defined strategy on how to connect with your target customers
  • Set clear and defined objectives
  • Train your team on how to present your companies mission statement
  • Create promotional campaigns proven to improve results

You Receive:

  • Informational DVD with instructional content
  • interviews from the Trade Show industries' leading experts
  • Instructional PowerPoint CD-ROM that summarize essential areas for learning and action
  • Resource Guide of tools and worksheets
  • Team Leaders Guide containing practical and informative directions to lead your team to trade show success!

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Trade Show Success: How To Plan For Profit With Pre-Show Preparation
Price: $195.00
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