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Building Your Home Inspection Business: A Guide to Marketing, Sales, Advertising, and Public Relations

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About This Course:
Written by one of North America's leading home inspection firms and based on the experiences of that company, this book and the accompanying CD-ROM will help both new and established inspectors focus on strategic business growth and marketing in a competitive profession.

You will receive clear and logical advice that has been field-tested for success. You'll also get sample marketing, sales, advertising, and public relations templates that you can use to create your own materials.

The CD-ROM includes learning objectives, key terms, quizzes, and field exercises that make this invaluable for growing your business!

Covered topics include:

  • Basic Marketing Concepts
  • Developing Your Company Identity and Market Focus
  • Service Philosophy
  • Pricing Your Services
  • Marketing for Growth
  • Referral Network
  • Writing Your Market Plan
  • Handling Complaints
  • Advertising Through Marketing Materials
  • Advertising Strategies and Methods
  • People-Driven Public Relations
  • Media-Driven Public Relations
  • Event-Driven Public Relations
  • Fundamentals of Sales and Selling
  • Targeting Your Sales Efforts
  • Moving from Objections to Closing
  • Managing Customers and Building Relationships

Included learning tools:

  • Inspection checklists that summarize the components and problems covered and provide a set of inspection field notes
  • Inspection Procedures and Standards of Practice to help you develop a consistent inspection methodology
  • Field Exercises give you an opportunity to turn text study into real world experience
  • Dozens of detailed illustrations
  • Learning objectives, keywords, and margin notes that highlight key topics
  • "Quick Quizzes" to help you test your understanding

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Building Your Home Inspection Business: A Guide to Marketing, Sales, Advertising, and Public Relations
Price: $169.95
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