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Do You Need Commercial Real Estate Education?

Working in commercial real estate can be a very lucrative, rewarding career. With commercial real estate education you'll find right here, you can be on the road to success in no time.

What Does A Commercial Real Estate Do?

A Commercial Real Estate Agent handles the sale, lease, and purchase of land or buildings.

On the selling side, they analyze the market to determine what course of action is best for a property owner. For instance, is it better to hold onto the property as is, lease it, or sell it? If leasing, how best to manage the property?

For property buyers / investors, the key is analysis, including:
  • The type of propertycommercial real estate training
  • Location
  • Market demographics
  • Any applicable zoning restrictions
  • Market analysis
  • Develop a property valuation
  • Determine expected cash flow
  • Calculate expected ROI
...and of course handle price negotiations. While many items in the list above require a good brain, there is no substitute for market knowledge, so many Commercial Real Estate Agents start off as a residential agent.

What Is The Difference Between Commercial And Residential Real Estate Properties?

Residential real estate is typically defined as single family homes and one to four unit rental residences, while commercial real estate is typically defined an any property with five or more units. This includes condos, offices, retail, industrial, multi-family, hotel, and special purpose buildings.

Residential properties are typically sold, rented, or leased to families and individuals, while commercial properties typically are sold or leased to businesses or investors.

What Is The Difference Between A Commercial And A Residential Real Estate Agent?

The primary difference between commercial and residential agents is what they are allowed to sell. Residential agents can sell residential properties, but not commercial properties, whereas commercial agents can sell both types of properties.

Additionally, with commercial properties, there are more terms, definitions, and investment/loan options, as well as different rules for appraisals and zoning and use laws. As such, commercial real estate agents need to understand more investment options, as well as know local laws, zoning ordinances, and land use restrictions.

Further, commercial appraisals typically are more complicated than residential appraisals, so CRE agents need to understand what factors are considered in an appraisal, what kind of reports can be ordered, and the effect of different types of property ownership rights on appraised value.

Finally, though it often takes longer to do a commercial transaction, the price is usually higher, meaning the commission and agent's earnings are higher.

About Our Commercial Real Estate Training Courses

Our commercial real estate training is designed to get you up to speed on:
  • The areas to focus on for maximum growth
  • Different types of transactionscommercial real estate training
  • People you need to know
  • Strategies for success
  • Fundamentals of office space
  • Fundamentals of industrial space
  • Fundamentals of retail space
  • Fundamentals of multi-family residential properties
  • Land Uses and Zoning Issues
  • Valuations
  • Financing
  • Buyer, tenant and owner representation
  • Building a successful practice

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