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Critical Selling® Skills Sales Training Seminar

Seminar: ID# 1002698

This course is available in both in-person and video conference formats.

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Pricing: $1,495.00
About This Course:
Improve Your Sales Skills

Being a top-performing sales professional is not simply reserved for those gifted with natural skills and abilities, nor is it an easy designation to earn. At Janek, we believe that succeeding in sales requires understanding and performing core strategies and tactics - and adhering to a proven methodology that focuses on solving customers' problems and understanding where they are in the buying process.


Janek Performance Group's Critical Selling® Skills program leverages its core process of Need-Based Selling™ together with its learning design model called the Janek XFactor™ to provide sales professionals with the skills, best practices and behaviors they need to have more effective dialogues, convert more sales opportunities and develop longer-lasting more profitable relationships with their customers.

Using real world examples to illustrate key sales rep training concepts, the Critical Selling® Skills program fosters the development of research-based skills imperative for success in today's competitive marketplace.

Program Benefits &Outcomes

  • Prepare for sales calls by gathering key information and setting strong objectives to determine what success looks like at the end of the call
  • Quickly create a warm connection with customers at the start of the interaction by communicating what's in it for them
  • Skillfully use a mix of questions and active listening to promote a robust discussion with customers and identify needs
  • Present the value behind solutions in a way that resonates with what is most important to the customer
  • Recognize opportunities to close and gain the confidence to ask for the business
  • Proactively work with customers to explore objections, thereby diffusing any emotions and restoring balance to the conversation

What Makes Janek Workshops More Effective?

  • Smaller class sizes allowing for more interaction
  • In-class activities that put concepts into practice
  • Take-away materials that support post workshop implementation of the skills
  • Seasoned trainers with real-world sales and sales management experience
  • Programs derived from research-based, proven sales methodologies

To be effective, any seminar cancellation must be received at least ten (10) business days in advance of the scheduled date of any seminar. If this timely cancellation is received, the client can either reschedule the program for a later date, or can receive a refund of any fees paid minus a $100 administrative fee.

Seminar provider holds the right to cancel any scheduled seminar at any time. In the event of a cancellation by seminar provider, client shall have the right to either reschedule the seminar for a later date or receive a refund of any fees paid.

Critical Selling® Skills Sales Training Seminar
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