Communication Skills For Business Women

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About This Course:
Professionals who communicate, negotiate, and persuade effectively have always been in a position to choose their own path in the workplace, regardless of gender. And true professionals never stop trying to improve their communication skills.

However, women have innate differences that are reliably valuable to them in the workplace. Yet women in particular often need to become more comfortable in the workplace with speaking and asserting themselves with self-confidence and professionalism.

And with some simple training, most women can learn how to value, celebrate, and maximize those differences to be as successful as they deserve to be in their workplace.

Learning Objective:

  • How to handle the five most common and troublesome situations in the workplace for women: negotiations, emergencies, conflicts, speaking in groups, and being assertive
  • Managing emotional pressure
  • How to handle your cool at work when everyone is losing theirs
  • Dealing with people who "push your buttons"
  • Tips for speaking in groups or "in public" to assure a confident impression
  • What exactly is assertive? How much is enough and how much is too much? Where's the line and what's the difference?
  • Maximizing your natural communication differences to your advantage in solving problems, during conflicts, in negotiations and thorny situations
Communication Skills For Business Women
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