Transitioning to Supervisor

Seminar: ID# 1278135


Managing Your New Employees
  • Ways to transition from coworker to authority figure without seeming domineering or "bossy"
  • How to deal with the person who wanted the job you just got
  • Strategies for managing people who have more experience than you do
  • How to thrive when your success is based on the accomplishments of your team, not your individual work
  • Why you must honestly assess your own behavioral and communication styles — and modify them if necessary
  • The key differences between communicating up and down the corporate ladder
  • Critical listening skills every successful supervisor must master
  • 5 steps for building trust and gaining respect — even among less-than-cooperative employees
  • Tips and tools for managing the people you inherited
  • Essential skills for building your own "dream team"
  • Delegation: why it's not your chance to give others the jobs you don't like
  • How to set positive examples without seeming saintly
  • The secret of success: achieving results through others
  • What your employees want from you — and what you can give them
  • The art of appreciation — when, where, and how to praise
  • How to recognize and motivate underachievers
  • The right way to discipline
  • From buddy to boss — can we still be friends?
Managing Yourself
  • What do you do now? (The skills that got you here won't necessarily keep you here)
  • How to identify and eliminate your own personal roadblocks to success
  • 4 of the most common pitfalls in the transition to management
  • The language of supervision — performing a SWOT analysis
  • Ways to change your focus from "depth of knowledge" to "breadth of understanding"
  • How to manage others successfully when you're in the dual role of worker and supervisor
  • Hiring and firing: what every new supervisor must know about these hot-button topics
  • More work, responsibility, and pressure — how to stay on top of everything without losing your cool
  • Tips that keep meetings on time, on track, and on target (it isn't hard if you follow our guidelines!)
  • How to develop your own personal plan for professional growth — and stick to it for the long term
Transitioning to Supervisor
Metropolitan Area:
Eastern Time Zone
Live Online Seminar
9am-4pm EDT; 8am-3pm CDT
Eastern Time Zone
6/27/2023 (9:00 - 4:00pm local time)
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