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Making money is easy with our self-produced Audio Conferences: simply promote any of the titles listed below and receive 1/2 of the $199 enrollment fee. That's $10,000 for every 100 enrollees!

Whether you promote them to your email list, through your website, or in your eNewsletter, our Audio Conferences are a great way for you to help your customers - AND to further monetize your business!

We take care of selecting the topics, managing the Presenters, and developing the marketing materials - all you need do is promote the events and cash your monthly commission checks!

How The Program Works

Listed below are our available titles for the next three months. Shown for each title is the date held, image, course url, teaser text, and link to the full course description.

Simply take any or all of this information to create your own promotions, and watch the commissions come rolling in!

Promotional Assistance

Here are just a few of the ways we help you make gobs of money:

  • Each of our Audio Conferences qualifies for 1.5 hours of PHR / SPHR credits, making them an easy sale for people needing re-certification!
  • You receive on online interface for tracking your commissions
  • We proactively send you an email every two weeks highlighting the best-sellers for you to promote, so you can be sure to maximize your money-making potential

So What are you waiting for? Call us today at 770-410-1219 to get started!

How To Handle Background Checks That Come Back With Arrests Or Convictions
How To Handle Background Checks That Come Back With Arrests Or Convictions
This audio conference focuses on some of the most-common background check challenges many hiring managers face.
Available Versions:
Live on: 7/25/2024. Also available via On-Demand

Course URL:
HR for Beginners: Where Do I Start?
HR for Beginners: Where Do I Start?
To help those either new to HR or working in HR with little training, we've developed this 90-minute training session where you can learn HR basics from an HR professional with nearly 25 years in leadership and HR management.
Available Versions:
Live on: 8/21/2024. Also available via On-Demand

Course URL:

Available Courses In Other Fields:

Steps For Generating Your Ads & Earning Commissions
  1. Select the course(s) you want to promote
  2. For each promotion, use the descriptions and/or images as provided for each course, or shorten or create your own descriptions
  3. Create your trackable links by adding your Referrer ID to the course url to create the link for which your customers should click to see more details/enroll - and track your commissions! In other words, [course url]&RID=[your referrer ID]

    Course url =;
    Your Referrer ID* = 1011111; Your ad link should read:
Note: New partners should email us with their sample ads for the first two promotions they prepare so we can review and make comments.


As always, contact your Training Center Affiliate Support Team at 770-410-1219 if you have any questions!

Getting Started

To become an approved partner, call us at 770-410-1219.

* Referral IDs are assigned when you become an approved partner, which means your organization must promote at least two of the available courses each month via an approved method such as an email promotion to your members or prospects. As an approved partner, your organization earns 50% of the selling price of these products.

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