How To Buy Properties In Bankruptcy

Resource Material: ID# 1000590
About This Course:
This course covers:

  • How to increase your real estate activity with Distressed Properties
  • How to find them
  • How to approach the owners
  • How to buy for less than owed –"short sale"
  • "Cram Down"
  • How to obtain marketable title
  • Taking the lender's position
  • Buying the paper
  • Dealing with a "Debtor in Possession"
  • Dealing with a Bankruptcy Court Trustee
  • How to reduce risks in bidding
  • How to get paid

Also included: a 3-6 hour video and a step-by-step manual.

This seminar can be taken independently for professional development, or in conjunction with other courses to earn the Certified Residential Investor Representative (CRIR) designation.

How To Buy Properties In Bankruptcy
Price: $199.00
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