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The Business Planning System

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The Business Planning System

It should not be a surprise that over 90% of new real estate agents are out of the business within one year.

Whether due to lack of money, advertising, or a workable business model, those who fail to plan, fail.

Don't let this happen to you, especially since you can get a tried and true planning system from 30-year Real Estate veteran and trainer Carla Cross.

Tested and recommended by the Council of Residential Specialists (CRS), Carla developed this invaluable resource from her experiances as a top agent and manager, working with thousands of agents to design a planning system that is easy to use and works!

Here is just some of what you receive:

  • The 6 steps to a great strategically designed plan—completely laid out for you with planning 'templates'
  • The 6 principles to a great plan—so you make a plan that works
  • 21 components of an effective strategic plan
  • 8 worksheets to analyze and monitor your plan—so you're sure it works
  • Vision worksheet with examples
  • Changes in the Environment worksheet to help you adjust for your shifting market in time to make more money
  • Analyze your company/office's strengths worksheet so you know how to capitalize on what you're provided to save money
  • Your review of business and projections so you can see how much money you're going to make
  • Lead generation sources worksheet so you can save money
  • Worksheet: Internal sales effectiveness review so you can polish your sales skills
  • Worksheet: Systems review so you can plan for effective time management and growth
  • Worksheet: Analysis of your time and activities to assess your time management
  • Worksheet: How to choose the 'right moves' for where you are in your career (The Career Life Cycle review)
  • Worksheet: Motivational review
  • 9 examples of mission statements
  • Worksheet: Mission statement (and how to write one)
  • Worksheet and how to: Setting the right objectives
  • Tracking your goals to "actuals" monthly worksheet
  • Personal operating expenses worksheet
  • The 4 steps to creating your budget
  • Your real estate budget worksheet
  • The 4 principles of how to spend your money (and how not to spend it)
  • Lead Generation plan and worksheets to track your leads
  • Your Weekly Scorecard—tracking what you did that week
  • 20 pages on creating a marketing plan
  • A sample marketing plan
  • Worksheet: Itemization of tactics with dates and budget
  • Worksheet: Tactical development of marketing plan
  • Marketing budget worksheet
  • Survey: After the Sale (to buyers and sellers)
  • Worksheet: Tracking your Media Sources of Business
  • Worksheet: Tracking your best sources of business from sales
  • Worksheet: Cost per medium
  • Worksheet: Marketing campaign evaluation
  • Worksheet: Comparison analysis: Return on investment
  • 7 marketing principles to spend right and avoid common mistakes
  • Worksheet: Systems/mechanical/labor goals
  • Worksheet: Professional development goals
  • 21 areas to watch for in your plan
  • 22 common mistakes agents make in their plans
  • 21 worksheets on hard copy and CD to easily create your plan
  • 5 most important worksheets to measure your plan success and make adjustments
  • Worksheet: 3 month plan review
  • Dozens of tips to make money; advice on wrong planning strategies to avoid
  • 50 marketing tactics that work
  • 6 areas you need to watch for or you will spend money unwisely
  • Budget worksheets and samples
  • Sample plans
  • Goal tracking tools—included on your CD

Note: Additional shipping charges apply if shipping outside the continental U.S. Please call before placing your order if that is your destination. No P. O. boxes please.

About The Provider: Carla Cross, CRB, MA, President of Carla Cross Seminars, Inc. and Carla Cross Coaching, is an international speaker, trainer, and master coach.

For over two decades, she has been dedicated to helping real estate professionals worldwide create huge gains in productivity and profits.

The author of six internationally published books, Carla is best known internationally for her new agent's start-up sales plan, Up and Running in 30 Days, (so popular it's now in its 3rd edition), which has been used by hundreds of thousands of new real estate agents to launch careers fast.

Our Resources Are 'Tested' In The Real World!

Having been a top sales producer (she sold 40 homes her first year, and attained status in the top 1% of her company), top manager (#1 out of 19 offices in one of top five companies in the world), and master CRB instructor, Carla's resources are her proven best practices, learned 'on the firing line' over 3 decades.

Much more than lists, processes, or presentations, they are truly self-tutorials (and they are updated frequently!). Plus, they include specific ready-to-use presentations and systems, so you can put each resource to work that day. Each of her resources is really a "two for one".

Quality Tested & Recommended By The Most Prestigious Realtor Organizations In The World!

Carla is proud that more of her products are quality tested and recommended by the Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers (CRB) and the Council of Residential Specialists (CRS), than any other sales and management coach.

A testimony to her expertise, Carla has provided sales, recruiting, coaching, and training resources to powerhouse organizations such as Re/Max Eastern Canada, Re/Max Europe, Royal LePage Canada, GMAC, Windermere Real Estate, Keller Williams Realty, and the Managers' Council of Certified Real Estate Brokers, (CRB).
Price: $99.95
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