How To Hire A Personal Assistant

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About This Course:
Are you an agent who is a top producer, yet you spend more of your time buried in paperwork and less time marketing homes or testing the market for homes? This course provides a solution: Hire an assistant!

By hiring an assistant, you can stop doing $10/hour work and can focus on doing work that truly serves your clients in a significant way! And this teaches you how!

"Hiring a Personal Assistant" will teach you how to:

  • Find out what to do during the hiring process, including what to listen for during the interview
  • Learn how to effectively manage an assistant
  • Discover how to encourage a positive relationship between your assistant and clients

Like many professions, real estate agents often must deal with tedious, time consuming matters of their job. However, by leaving issues such as paperwork to an assistant, you have additional time to concentrate on dealings that do more to generate top producing results and lead to more-satisfied clients.

Still, it is important to remember that having an assistant means more than just paying someone to fill out and file paperwork. It means having someone work with complicated and sensitive real estate documents, assist in your marketing initiatives, help deal with your buyers and/or sellers and much more.

To allow someone to take on these responsibilities, you must have a great deal of trust and confidence in him or her, so it is important to carefully hire and make sure his or her expectations are aligned with yours.

In "Hiring a Personal Assistant," Rich Casto, one of the nation's top real estate coaches, provides information on hiring and managing a real estate assistant that show how this can be achieved!

After watching "Hiring a Personal Assistant," you will know how to:

  • Determine your need for an assistant
  • Meet the expenses of paying an assistant
  • Handle the interview process
  • Establish a fair base pay as well as a bonus and pay raise structure
  • Ensure that your assistant's work ethics are aligned with your expectations
  • Assist in developing a close relationship between your clients and assistant
  • Obtain the support from your broker and company in hiring an assistant

The course also provides an example job announcement and a list of questions to ask during the interview, leading to answers that provide a good indication of whether the person is right for the position or not.

"Hiring a Personal Assistant" is presented in a very unique way! Combined with streaming video of Rich on the left side of the screen and flash text and images reinforcing his words on the right side of the screen, the course is designed to keep viewers attentive and to help them retain the information longer.

Not only are we sure you will become immersed in the information, you get one full year of access to the material!

How To Hire A Personal Assistant
Price: $58.00
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