New Reg Z and RESPA Rules: How Will They Impact Your Mortgage Operations?

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About This Course:
The CFPB has finally delivered on its promise to significantly change mortgage lending compliance under TILA and RESPA. In January, the Bureau issued 7 new final rules with many new requirements. The time line is short: compliance with the new rules is required by January of 2014 (and even sooner in a few minor instances).

We'll discuss the new rules and what's changed (and some of what hasn't). We'll break down the new requirements, and save some time to talk about what else is coming this year, since the CFPB isn't quite done yet.

Covered Topics:

  • The new mortgage ability-to-repay rule and definition of a "Qualified Mortgage"
  • Various questions your institution must answer to get this right
  • New thresholds and expansion of high-priced loans under HOEPA and Reg. Z Section 32
  • New appraisal requirements under Reg. Z and Reg. B
  • Loan originator compensation issues - changes in your business model?
  • New servicing requirements – significant new requirements and time frames
  • Trouble spots with the new rules, such as the 3% limitation on fees, calculating the 43% DTI, and GSE approvals
  • What's coming down the road: QRM rules, clarification on fee issues, and new combined disclosures
  • And more

Who Should Attend:

Anyone involved in consumer mortgage loan (as well as other real estate-secured loan) operations, underwriting, servicing, and compliance will benefit from this session, including compliance officers, underwriters, senior management, bank counsel, and operations, among others.


Carl Pry is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) and Certified Risk Professional (CRP) who is a Senior Director for Treliant Risk Advisors in Washington, DC. Through his working career, as well as through his experience as a banking attorney and officer, he has provided a variety of regulatory compliance and financial performance services to financial institutions and other clients throughout the country. He has written extensively regarding consumer and commercial compliance, tax, audit, and financial institution legal issues, and is a frequent contributor to and currently serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for the ABA Bank Compliance magazine. He has spoken at dozens of banking, compliance, and state bar associations, and has conducted training sessions for financial institutions across the country.

New Reg Z and RESPA Rules: How Will They Impact Your Mortgage Operations?
or via CD or On-Demand
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